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rmcminds: biologist, data scientist, wheel inventor

I biologize, philosophize, and computize. I’ve always been drawn to the more theoretical aspects of evolutionary biology, which has led to my recent focus on statistics and modeling. Unfortunately, I’m bad at math and hate being inside all the time, so I’m always looking for excuses to observe nature directly.

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Maybe it doesn’t Matern

Calling all bored and crazy Stan coders. I need a long term coding partner. I’ve been doing a lot of completely solo work for a couple years now, and you can guess the result. I have a couple of really awesome models that I am proud of, and yet they’re (1) not quite what I…

Mer de Microbes

When I started my first blog, I initially used this title for it. I had recently begun working in French Polynesia, was helping a French postdoc, and was interested in learning the language, and I thought, “‘Sea of Microbes’ in French, that’s nice.” I created the page and started working on the blog. And then…

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